Hi, beloved GT.

So many of you were so sweet and supportive earlier this week when I had a good ol' fashioned freak-out about my suddenly high blood pressure. Thank you, again. I love you all. You all really talked me down from a slightly hysterical ledge, plus gave tons of good advice. I owe everyone cookies, at least.

A quick update (since several of you were dear enough to request one): I went to get my ticker checked out yesterday and my blood pressure was way down (130/88) plus my heart looked ridiculously healthy, according to the tech. She went so far to ask if my doctor's machinery was perhaps broken.

It's not. Alas.

Anyhow, my heart is good. Now I just need to get my kidneys checked out on Friday, plus the blood tests. I'll get everything back at my appointment with Dr. Scare the Shit out of Me on Monday. My personal little BP checker arrived yesterday and I plan on charting it from now until then. It's stayed in the 130s, which isn't awesome, but it's hardly "YOU ARE ABOUT TO PASS THE FUCK OUT AND DIE FROM BRAIN EXPLOSION" level.


Thanks again, y'all.