This is going to sound ridiculous but maybe one of you guys know the answer to this.

Long story short, I can still enroll in pre-calculus for this upcoming semester, which I would love to do. However, the problem is that I cannot find the course description anywhere on my school's website. I can do pre-calc 2 ways; either take pre-calculus or take pre-calculus A and pre-calculus B (which may be the better option for me as it's a bit "easier" and meant for those without a math background).

So I found a semblance of a course description on CunyFirst for pre-calc and pre-calc A. Pre-calc requires "course 3 of the New York State Sequential Mathematics Curriculum" and pre-calc A requires "course 2 of the NYS Sequential Mathematics Curriculum."

When I was in high school, we had Math A and Math B. They switched the names over long after I graduated and I don't know the equivalents now, because they also changed the course material. I did pass both the classes and regents for Math A and B (with flying fucking colors, I might add).

I tried to enroll in regular pre-calc and it said I'm missing the pre-requisite (which would be "course 3").


Does anyone know what the FUCK courses 2 and 3 of the New York State Sequential Mathematics Curriculum are?! I wanted to come here first because if I can avoid talking to the registrar at my school any more, that would be fantastic.

ETA - I am apparently also missing "course 2." What are these classes?!