Tonight I am going to my ten year high school reunion. After work, I am going to drive 160 miles to my crappy home town and go to a bar full of guys in "Tap Out" T-shirts. I am going to see a lot of people I haven't seen in ten years.

I mean, it shouldn't feel as weird as it does. I didn't dislike anyone in high school, and most people liked me. If I was in the Breakfast Club, I would be Clair. But I still feel a bit anxious and I can't put my finger on why.

I keep coming back to the idea of if I had some lie, if I made a game out of it, I would have more fun. Not something like, "I'm a billionaire oil man now," or "I lived in Europe for eight years." More like strange ones, that don't invite followup questions. "Did you know I believe in aliens now?" "I saw a ghost and it turned all my hair white, I've just been dying my hair brown since then." Anyway, anyone got any reunion stories? Suggestions for lies to spread?