Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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High School Reunion Report!

It was fun. I drank a bunch. My asshole ex did not showed up (YES!). I got to show off Mr. Fishnets a lot. I saw a bunch of people I haven't seen in a while. I danced. I was in embarrassing photos. I saw some people I didn't like, but we didn't try to talk to each other, so it wasn't awkward. And, I saw a lot of faculty I haven't seen in years, which was nice and unexpected (though it shouldn't be, considering the party was really for the anniversary of the school). I missed my favorite teacher a lot, who suddenly passed last year way before his time, and had been with the school since the beginning. I, and everyone else, ignored my principal when she was talking like the good old days.

Oh, also, I figured out how you deal with weight issues for a reunion. The trick isn't to lose weight before the reunion, it's to go to your reunion in a space where there's little-to-no AC and then sweat off that 5 pounds you were trying to lose. (Seriously, I think I sweat enough water to make a second Fishnets).


So you were all right, I did have fun. I'm glad I went. Thank you everyone for the support.

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