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Updated: High School sucks even when your not in it.

urrrggh. I was frustrated with my daughter this morning. Evidently she told her Dad about this Friday when he picked her up from Anime Club after school but had it all out of her system before she got home until last night. I did get a couple of automated calls last week about her missing classes, but I picked her up 30 minutes into last period on Wednesday because she hadn't had anything to eat at lunch. (She had her braces adjusted Tuesday and we are bad planners. I would have gotten her sooner, but I had an important meeting at work.) I meant to ask her about Friday, but I wasn't with her when I got the call.

Something came up where she was told she was marked absent from a class, so her 6th period teacher looked up her schedule and she had been marked absent from 6th period gym. Obviously, if she is in the class she is supposed to be in on her B day, she shouldn't have been on the PE classes roster. She did not write down what the computer had her schedule listed as. She didn't look to see if all her classes were still listed. I think she was shocked and the other teacher brushed her off instead of seeing if she should be somewhere else in 6th period.

She was upset at 10:30 last night. I have the magnet program coordinator's cell phone number and could have put in a "What's up with that?" text on Friday if anyone had told me. I was not going to do it at 10:30 pm Sunday. I did text her this morning. Got no answer. I called the school at noon and talked to the Sophmore Office. They took care of the absences. Okay, but what about her schedule. Well, it may have been changed to adjust class size. Okay, but shouldn't you at the school let her know that? She is on her old schedule because she was never told to change schedules. They told me they would make sure she got the new one and promptly cut me off by hanging up.


I am so pissed. I have an anxious kid anyway. Changing her classes around again 5 weeks into school is bad, but not telling her is absolutely horrible. Her teachers are just as clueless because none have told her she wasn't on their attendance sheets or pointed out where she was on the role for another period. This obviously had to effect more than one class. Her gym class moved from A day to B day, so I should have gotten a call on Thursday, too. At least one other teacher isn't taking attendance. (She takes 4 classes a day and each class is on every other school day. I like the block scheduling because she gets 1.5 hours at a time of instruction instead of 45 minutes. They started this half way through my high school experience and I liked it a lot.)

So we aren't sure who was supposed to give her the new schedule or when it was supposed to start. I suspect it was Wednesday that she was supposed to get the schedule.

I will be composing a strongly written email later when I have my thoughts and vocabulary together a little more. I'm great at strongly worded letters. I have gotten people fired and been offered jobs because of my strongly worded letters.

For now, I'm going to go do all the stuff I normally get done on the weekend, which means laundry and groceries. With my uncle's funeral Saturday and cleaning his apartment out Sunday, I did nothing.


Well, I painted on my jacket when I couldn't sleep. I almost have the left sleeve done. I don't know how much more I will get done before it is cold enough to live in, but it looks like I have 90 weather through next weekend. For reading through my inanity, have some badly taken pictures that include a pink sock on the floor of my kitchen.

Back of the left sleeve: From the top that's Edgar Allen Poe, Terry Pratchett (Terry Pratchett on my elbow makes me really happy), and Peter Murphy


Front of the left sleeve: On the right, from the top, Lux Interior & Poison Ivy, Julie Newmar (as Cat Woman), Siouxsie Sioux, Tori Amos, [what was supposed to be Debbie Harry, but looks more like Shirley Manson or a flattened Marilyn Monroe]. On the left Robert Smith, Neil Gaiman, and David Bowie.


I think there's space for a couple more. I may add HP Lovecraft after I go shopping. This assemblage of artists probably reveals a lot about me.


Update: Mini Moxie had Spanish II and Gym switched. The Spanish teacher is different and the class is a mess. Everyone was climbing over desks and eating food. She said there was another white kid in the class. She hadn't met him before. He is insane. He threw an apple against the wall and she said it was like it exploded. He was sent to the office and they sent him back. The other kids avoided her/moved away from her when she sat down. When she asked someone why, it was explained that she might be insane like the other white kid. Someone called her a cracker. She told him she was a fortune cookie. (We are part Japanese. Yes, fortune cookies are Chinese, but what urban youth is going to know what a sembei is?)

They are learning things she learned last year in Spanish I last year.


For more entertainment: In world history, the teacher started talking about how horrible Zeus was. My child told everyone that Zeus banged a woman so hard she exploded so he took the fetus that she was carrying and sewed it into his calf. He walked around funny for a while and then cut it out and gave it to a satyr to raise and that's how Dionysus was born.


She said the teacher had to step out into the hallway.

I'm shocked I don't get more calls from school.

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