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This will probably sound super weird to some people, but totally reasonable to others. It's been a good 7 years since I graduated college, and it's been a ridiculously long time since I was able to read a decent, informative, peer reviewed article. I have to wait for everything to filter through to LiveScience or Discovery or History, but IT'S NOT THE SAME. God, don't even get me started on what's left of the carcass by the time it filters down to Jez...


Would someone be willing to access their article resources and mine something interesting for me to read? All of my old haunts are behind paywalls or just inaccessible without my university credentials.

I love reading about anything anthropology related, particularly: bioarchaeology, paleoanthropology, Egyptology, the African Diaspora, African culture in the New World, grave culture, skeletal diversification... So. Lots of things. Anything, really. My useless degree is in bioarchaeology, and I chose that because I have a real passion for learning about it. Somewhat unfortunately, that didn't die with graduation!


I fear my brain is turning to mush after too many reruns of "Modern Family". I'd be endlessly appreciative to anyone that might be able to throw me a bone (hah!) and help me out with this one. I miss using my brain for something other than pushing paper.


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