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Highfives for things you can't celebrate out loud.

I simply like this gif too much.

Of course you might be able to celebrate out loud, but sometimes you can't or you sorta don't want to, but you do because you are super happy about it.


But something something modesty?

Anyways, in things I'd like to over share I managed to have the second orgasm in two years that wasn't painful. Not even a little. I did it all on my own, and oddly while reading an article about Margaret Atwood and not thinking of some elaborate story or even trying to think of anything sexy. Thinking of sexy things also causes me physical pain. I was just hanging out before bed, playing with myself, thinking "oh this is interesting and nice" and bam. Surprise orgasm.

I guess interviews with Margaret Atwood and I will get a little more intimate from now on.

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