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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Highlight of my day

I got the best response ever to my attempt at trolling a guy who has to be trolling me.
I got earnestness. Straight up earnestness.
Either that or he just didn't get the joke.

Or he eschewed getting the joke in favour of bragging about his awesome, high rollin' lifestyle.

Oh MichaelH, you wascawwy wabbit!


They really do. Keeping a few drops a month from leaking away gives you a safety net where you can quit using credit cards and payday loans as your safety net, thereby banking more, rolling it towards debt, and finally seeing daylight. Once you can get yourself in to a "Winner" mindset instead of a "Loser" mindset, you find yourself consistently making those good decisions instead of poor ones, which results in more rewards and reinforces your mindset and decisions. I went from loser to 1%'er in less than a decade, so I'm not just talking shit here.


Can I also make 1280$ a week from my very own home PC? :D
Dude, we poor people know these things. They don't up our wages. They don't diminish our costs by a significant amount. But keep fighting the good fight you 1%er, you.

$1280 a week? Naw, as much as I'd like to work exclusively from home, I couldn't afford the pay cut. How would I earn the other 3/4 of my pay?


Moral: Don't tell me, a poor, how poor people can stop being poor. We're not the gamblin', lazy, pay day loaning caricatures you think we are. And even if we are, give it a fucking rest and go back to getting into your winner mindset. WINNER!

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