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Hilarious (TMI)

Spacer image of a Black Cat Tea (Scotch, Earl Grey, dash of Lemon juice, and a lemon garnish swirled around the rim of the glass) I had at my wife’s cousin’s wedding this weekend. And I see that Kinja has randomly rotated it. Swell.

ETA: The drink is now facing the right way, but it is now randomly HUGE! KIIINJAAA!


I am currently in my new apartment attempting to fall asleep on my air mattress. I reserved a moving truck for Saturday, and I am really excited to actually have my wife and my bed here. Something, though, just happened that is cracking me up.

I farted, and since the apartment has hardwood floors and is basically empty, it echoed.

That concludes this episode in “Blalock has no filter.” Tune in next time where he talks about pooping or chemical burns. (Oh god, I hope not at the same time. Note to self: no Taco Bell for dinner.)

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