For some background context, I am a finalist at a uni and have, every year, lived with this particular housemate, C. In December of last year, she began to date misogynistic douchebag, K, who is significantly older than the rest of us and likes to remind us of that fact. Though he does not technically live here, he is here every weekend, along with dirty laundry and a whole bunch of opinions from the 1950s. As much as I try not to judge, as she seems very happy with him in a 50 Shades kind of way, some things are just too amazing not to share with you. She's studying a humanities subject, so feminism comes up a lot.

-"I am very much anti-feminist, I don't understand why we have to study it, it's just offensive, you wouldn't ask a Muslim to study Christianity."

-(A few weeks later) "I suppose I am a feminist, but only a socialist feminist, like in the workplace and stuff. I think we should get equal pay but everything else is just getting a bit silly."

- C: Floreat! I just had this lecture where they listed all the horrible things judges have said to rape and domestic violence victims in court!" *shows me horrible sheet filled with awful quotes*

Me: I know, isn't it disgusting that they're allowed to get away with this kind of crap.


C: Yes, I'm glad it's not like that any more!

Me: Well, it is. When I was abused the police refused to listen to me.

C: They would have had their reasons.

-"Did you know in 1994 they said that it was possible to prosecute someone for raping their wife? Surely if you've agreed to marry someone there are certain duties that come into it? Ridiculous..."


-C: I really want to go into criminal profiling.

Me: Oh right, are you looking at psychology masters?

C: Oh god no, psychology is a load of rubbish.

-"Well no, I'm not applying for grad schemes. I did think about it, but K has made it clear that the mother of his children will not be working."


-"Oh, floreat, no, don't touch the fuse box! You might electrocute yourself! K is coming in a few days, he'll know what to do!"

-"Well when I marry K, I'll be richer than ALL of you!"

-(When me and other housemates were JOKING about how we would never be successful, because no one would hire losers like us) "I'll be fine because I'm just marrying someone successful!"


-"Who is Lenin?" (After talking to us all about how she learnt about Marxism today and decided that she was a marxist.

-"We worked out that K can't afford to pay for me to do a masters, because of how much the government is going to tax him. It's really disgusting. I am a marxist socialist, but I don't understand why K should be punished for being rich!" (PLOT TWIST, HE'S ONLY RICH COMPARED TO BROKE STUDENTS)


-"The Sahara desert? Isn't that made up? Like Narnia?"

-"Well I know I'll get a first (top marks for British uni system) in my degree. K helped me with my coursework."


-Me: Sending or receiving naked pictures of an under 18 year old is illegal, even though the age of consent is 16.

C: What if you didn't take the picture, but just sent it to someone else.

Me: That's still distributing child pornography.

C: Even if you didn't take it?

Me: Yes. Always.

C: Oh. *Suddenly looks worried* Would K be fired from his job if that randomly happened.


Me: If he's done that he should and will go to prison.

C: Oh no, he hasn't, don't worry! But you never know, girls can trick you, or look a lot older. Men get sent to prison so easily for that stuff nowadays.


-"My dad threw me across the room once. It never did me any harm." *Sees our shocked faces* "Not hard!! But if my child ran out into the road without looking I would do that too."

I have so many more. Some real golden moments, especially those involving K. But I believe I have rambled enough for now. I'm kind of worried about her because she seems to have some really odd ideas and really odd experiences that she thinks are completely normal, and a very unhealthy relationships. But I mustn't be an armchair psychologist, so for now I just despair.