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Hillary Clinton and Political Confusion

Confession: I honestly know very little about Hillary Clinton.

I like to think I’m pretty good at staying politically-informed, but that usually means I know every single bit of anti-choice legislation going on wherever I live. Gotta start all over in Georgia since we’ve moved, but I totally educated a local politician last fall where I used to live. I also do my best to vote in primaries and local elections, after researching the issues.

But since my vote has more impact on the local stuff, I don’t actually know a lot on the national level.


So I need y’all’s help.

1) Can someone please explain Benghazi to me? I understand the basic timeline of what happened factually, but I’ve only read blatantly sexist pieces criticizing Clinton for her role in it. Does anyone have a source from a liberal POV on Benghazi?

2) Actually, any liberal (but also non-sexist, since, sadly, those are not the same thing) sources that criticize Clinton would be helpful. I have read liberal stuff that loves her, and conservative stuff that hates her, but a liberal criticism (ooh, or a conservative praise!) would be more balanced-ish.

3) Anything else you think might be informative for me.

I also hope to write a guide in the next week or two on how to criticize and/or disagree with a female politician without being sexist. Because no matter your political side, there are misogynistic assholes ready to tear down female politicians. And then if an idiot mixes in sexism with legitimate criticisms or questions, they whine that feminists are playing the “sexist card” anytime someone criticizes a woman.




We have a love/hate relationship, to say the least.

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