I am going to a party this week - a birthday party for my BFF's boyfriend (BFFBF). I saw this at the One of a Kind show last week and decided that it would be the perfect gift for a guy who is a professor but has always resisted bowties, despite the fact that he would look charming in one, on the theory that they are stereotypical prof wear. So I give you ... the Wooden Pocket Square.

This is the one I got him:

but there are many more interesting designs. They were having a Fair special so I got both the pocket square and the pocket-watch lapel pin for an excellent price. Of all the tchotchkes one sees at craft fairs, I thought this one was cute and clever.

I wear blazers all the time, and I want this one for myself (they're sold out at present but I just emailed them to ask them to let me know when they are back in stock):


Talk about pocket books!