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Hipster jackass tried to roll up on me tonight.

So I went out to my favorite bar by myself, because it's my birthday and that's what I wanted to do. Had several beers and watched Olympic speed skating because I find it mesmerizing. Then went to another bar (where there was much booty shakin', which I'll discuss at another time). Then came back to my favorite bar and had another beer and ran into a friend. Who happens to be Mexican*, and we're talking and shooting the shit and having a grand old time.

And then some white dude who doesn't know us rolls up on us and wants to chat.

I don't know what the hell this dude was saying, or what he wanted, but I told him several times to step off, and that I was talking to my friend.


He tried to act like he was doing us some huge favor by interrupting our conversation.

I told him explicitly to get the hell away from us, but he was so drunk, he didn't really want to hear that. I told him he was privileged, and that's the exact reason why he didn't feel like he should move the fuck away from us. Which he didn't comprehend.

Being a guy with a family and a future, I didn't punch him in the fucking face, which is what I really wanted to do. I had to piss, so I used that as an opportunity to get away from this dumbfuck.

And when I came back, he was gone.

I say all of this, in part, to elucidate the reason why I'm a feminist. It's because some people will grab every ounce of power they can. It can be as simple as a bar where two POCs are talkin' and a white boy thinks he has the right to interrupt.


And that is bullshit.

I can't imagine what women have to go through with men believing they have the right to make the whole situation about them. So fuck that. And that's why I'm a feminist.


*I bring up the fact that dude was Mexican to highlight that this fucker didn't care that he was talking to two dudes who are not him. In fact, it probably encouraged him. But the problem is he wasn't willing to step the fuck off when I told him to. Because privilege. It took me leaving. Heaven help us all if I would have punched him in the face, which I desperately wanted to do.

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