I am sure many of us have come across this piece recently...

I am not sure why, but I cannot seem to let this go. The little boy, Cayden, is so freaking adorable! I am disgusted that people could look at his photo and write such racist filth in response. Frankly, I think it’s even worse that they considered it a joke because it shows how fucking delusional they are about their racism.

One guy, Dylan, proclaims that he is not nor has ever been a racist. But when you write shit like he did...I can’t see how he can possibly claim that. Of course, in his mind, he thinks racists are people who wear white hoods and burn crosses. Nah, man...he’s probably got black friends, right? He can’t possibly be racist!

I don’t know, I’m just really saddened about this. Cayden is cute as a button and his cheeks look so kissable and that smile so magnetic. Again, I just can’t see how people can make jokes like that. I am so glad several of these people appear to have been fired for their comments.


What do you all think?