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His Name is Fido.

There's a good deal of sick shit that's gone on in 2013. Needless news-making shit. Needless news-making shit that's being done for, what seems like, the singular purpose of making the news regardless of whether the person or people committing the crime are dead, anonymous, or caught. They want to achieve their apparent goal of making the news. It feels very much like the violence is only a vehicle to their making-the-news goal.

I'm being repetitive for a reason here. Columbine is my generation's marker for Needless News-making Shit. There is Before Columbine (BC), and After Columbine (AC.) BC, this type of violence had a reason that, objectively, people could understand because it was related to a cause or a movement. AC, while politics and religion still can very much be a prominent driving force, it is almost equally or more so the need to be recognized that propels people to act out in needlessly shitty ways.


I can't begin to theorize on why there has been this shift other than to say that it's something that I feel is occurring. We want to know why someone would do something so insane and, to us, needless. I want the news to tell me that someone's brain chemistry was unbalanced, that a group had a religious agenda, or that a people were trying to bring attention to a political ideology. Instead, it's that someone was depressed, lonely, isolated. It isn't the extremist, it's the person next door.

This was a long introduction to Jason Ellis of Bardstown, Kentucky who was needlessly killed for, what thus far appears to be, a need to be recognized. A need to make the news.


The short version is that someone chose a deliberate spot, laid a trap, and waited. It's uncertain whether or not Ellis was targeted, but police are leaning towards the act being calculated and the victim choice random. The coldness of the crime meant that the story was picked up nationally.

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Ellis' funeral was the 30th of May, and Fido made me cry and wonder, yet again, why this needless news-making shit happens.

Police Dog Bids Farewell to Slain Officer.

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