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Or shame on us not sure. Both likely.

During a commercial of Major Crimes I was surfing the channels. What did I see? News of explosions in Jerusalem. I thought oh no. Then I realized the channel number. History Channel. Did these explosions happen? Nope. Would it be history? Heck no.

It was a show about the Book Of Revelation. Or as Brother R in high school put it "the ravings of an insane man". He taught about the Bible he always stressed to always remember the times it was written. He taught that that the people writing and reading believed the world was as large as they could travel, had no comprehsion the world was round, mass communication, tv even simple cough medication and absolutely no understanding of mental illness. That most of the Bible are stories in which lessons should be drawn and not taken literally. Anyways I am wandering far afield.


Yes this show will be lapped up by the stupid who will embrace it as will really happen any day. Lapped up by fundies who see the book as real and divine and have a suicidal desire for it to be real so they can die and go to Heaven now.

A channel which has one week a show about American Industrialists to Pawn Stars to Ancient Aliens to this making the educational equivalency argument that speculation, trivia (Pawn Stars) and wild eyed theories are the same as actual documented facts. Its far more insidious then putting a slant on history. Slants still have some roots with documented facts. This is "history is whatever will bring in viewers facts be damned".

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