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History of Women in Psychology

This is going to be a bit rambly, just FYI.

I am SO excited!!!

I am in grad school and I am currently taking a History of Psychology course. When I started this class I was not impressed. I had already taken a History of Psychology course during my undergradate degree, but need to take this grad level history class for course hour requirements for behaviour analyst certification.


ANYHOW: As you can all imagine, 99% of the History of Psychology is about young and old white men. I was so jazzed in class when we finally started to hear about some women contributing to academia!! I had to facilitate a discussion in class so I prompted the class with questions about women in psychology. The discussion was lively and super interesting!

I have to write a 10-15 page term paper for this class on any topic related to the history of psychology. I asked the prof if I could write on the History of Women in Psychology... and he said yes!!

I am so happy he approved it! I am just so excited to write about this topic, I am currently looking up scholarly articles and books. There is going to be SO MUCH to synthesize, but I think it will be generally fun to research and write!

I LOVE it when you are actually excited to be researching and writing :D

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