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Welcome To The Bitchery

I have been thinking a lot about the Holocaust lately. Experts say that what we are doing to people at the border is not dissimilar to what Hitler and the Nazis did to the Jews in at least the early stages of the Holocaust. I have been thinking about this a lot - particularly through the context of what we now think that people should have done at the early stages of the Holocaust. What do we think they should have done? What signs do we think they should have picked up to understand the gravity of the situation - the critical-ness - the danger - the escalation- the cruelty - and that it was motivated/fueled by hate. And then are we seeing those same signs now? I think we are - and I think we aren’t doing enough to intervene, to stop, to resist. We are hurting people. Children. We are treating them as though they are “less than” and many are being convinced that it is (at worst) deserved - and at best, that it doesn’t matter. Some of them are dying - but all will be scarred. I don’t think history will judge us kindly.

What are your thoughts on what we could/should be doing? Also, I am thinking about all of this in light of Trump saying there will be millions of deportations next week. He keeps escalating and getting away with shit - and we can’t let it continue.


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