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Hitting People is Wrong, Right?

In my car after seeing Power Rangers


Same black man is living in the house. Because he was kicked out of his. I didn’t realize I was going to like have to hang out with him, or else I would’ve said no to this whole situation. But he’s supposed to be finding his own place soon.


Me: Johnny Depp hit his wife.

Same Black Man: what?

Me: yeah it was crazy

Same Black Man: Well how badly did he hit her. 

Me: It doesn’t matter

Same Black Man: Of course it does, how many times? Did he slap her or-

Me: It Doesn’t matter, grown people do not put their hands on other grown people.

Same Black Man: you’d be surprised, there is something that’s instinctual and primal about force

Me: That’s stupid. Since we’re people and not animals. At a point you should have the presence of mind to realize an argument is escalating and say fuck this I’m out. I have been in screaming matches with my ex, and during every point he knew not put his hands me. You don’t touch someone in any way without their permission.


Same Black man: if men only touched women when they gave their verbal consent then there would be no babies born in the world.

Me: *tries not to vomit all the popcorn I ate* That’s trash. That’s such trash. You’re essentially saying you don’t trust a woman to know her own mind and her own body


Same Black man: well if I had consensual sex with a woman, she could call it rape afterward and report.

Me: That would never happen.

Same Black man: So your saying it never happens

Me: I’m saying it only happens .8% of the time out the 99% not including the 54% of rapes that go unreported. You do know one in five black women have experienced rape or sexual assault.


Same Black Man: That’s too high a number.

Me: Yes. it is.

Same Black Man: That can’t be real and I don’t know any rapists.

Me: What do you think women out here doing? Suffering harrasment and ruining their lives and working to change the culture. for like..Fun?


Same Black man: Ok but..

Me: you know what? shut up.

Same Black Man: for arguments...

Me: shut the fuck up

Same Black Man: well

Me: So you see how I have told you several times now to shut the fuck up, and yet you continue to push the conversation. You’re violating consent. This is it. This what it looks like. Since you seemed confused about it.



Same Black Man: I’m sorry if I upset you.

Me: Don’t be sorry for me. You’re a trash person with trash opinions, and I didn’t feel like entertaining you anymore. You would be better served to read a book. Honestly just stay out of my way and out of the way of women who are working to change this shit. They don’t have time for your trash and neither do I. I’m fine.  



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