Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Hive Mind Assemble!

Happy Saturday! I hope it's lovely for everyone.

I have two random questions/requests.

1) Does anyone know a Locks of Love type of organization that accepts dyed hair? I'm thinking of chopping my hair off, but it's dyed a very natural brown because I have tons of grey hair that I cover. I'm not comfortable being over 50% grey at 34. Not going to do it. I would like to donate it if at all possible, but my stylist told me that the organizations she knows about don't accept dyed hair. If anyone knows why this is so, that would be fun information too.


2) I need music suggestions! I have an iTunes gift card just waiting to be used. Ideally pretty, uplifting music. I've been way to melancholy lately. Or even some jaw dropping beats would be cool too.

Please and thank you.

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