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Hivemind - Are Travel Agents Still Useful?

I've decided that this summer, I want to go on a trip to visit friends or family in far away places. The plane ticket to any of these places will easily be over $1200. Is it worth it to book through a travel agent who might be able to get me a deal over monitoring the interwebs myself for deals? Has anyone used a travel agent lately?

Most likely, I will go to either Greece, Finland or Australia (I know, it's random array of choices, but I travel to visit people, not to sight-see). With the fact that I would be travelling in the summer, and my dates are flexible, I'm thinking that using an agent might save me some cash. But everyone I know nowadays books online through expedia or whatnot. Saving money on the flight would be great since I'll stay with people for most of my travels. Any advice groupthinkers?


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