HALP?! I need new glasses. Badly.

My favorite pair is missing the parts that keep the world from being a blurry mess.. and they're held together with wood glue. The pair I'm currently wearing is scratched to all sorts of hell with frames that aren't large enough for me to wear them all the time (like I have to since I ran out of contacts.)

I ordered my last pair online and was really pleased, but this time I'd like to get more than one pair so that, when I feel the urge or have the need, I can have options. I also need contacts, but it doesn't seem like getting contacts and glasses from the same site saves me much money.

I'm goin' for cheap, here.

So do any of y'all have good or bad experiences with buying snazzy optical accessories online or recommend a place?

(Because everyone needs some cat butt in their lives.)