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Welcome To The Bitchery

Hivemind, before I go to the doctor, I need some help. And Dr. Internets isn’t really helpful.

About 2 weeks ago my left knee started hurting a little in the back. This typically happens when I am wearing sandals that have broken down. (I buy the orthopedic support ones from Walking Company, so the answer isn’t “stop buying shit shoes”) I had worn older pair of sandals on Monday and Tuesday, so I stopped. Put on this summer’s shoes since then.

Pain is best described as intermittently feeling like someone is snapping the back of my knee with a rubber band.


Yet it’s gotten progressively worse. So much so that after I walk more than about 30 feet it starts doing that. I’m typically pain-free in my good athletic shoes, so this is reinforcing that somehow it’s my summer shoes still.

Yesterday it started hurting in the evening even in my good athletic shoes. Both knees now.

I way cut back on my cardio the last two weeks, thinking I didn’t want to aggravate things further. Only doing my 30 mins on the elliptical in the mornings.

Yet this is getting worse. The only other change is that for the past 2 and a half weeks I’ve been using elliptical machines at a new gym and they’re different machines than I’ve ever used before. Very small range of motion for the stride and tilted forward on the balls of my feet, regardless of when I adjust the incline. Can the way it’s making me move be causing the pain?


Any thoughts? I definitely am not using the ellipticals for a few days to see if that’s a contributing factor. 

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