Hiya Groupthink (and Oppo)! I have a request! I’d love you lovely ladies’ (and gentlemen’s) advice on your favorite crock pot recipes.

My mom got me one for Christmas, and I still haven’t used it yet. But I like food! And I like fun kitchen stuff! And I work long hours, which would make using a crock pot more often (or at all, in my case) a no-brainer. So... Tell me what you make and what you like, GT!

Few factoids about me and my eating habits: no allergies or dietary restrictions (though, as much as I love cheese and carbs, being more mindful of healthy eating would be a good thing, I suppose).

I like chicken, beef and pork. Not so much on seafood.

I like grains, so rice, oats, barley, corn, etc. are also good.

I don’t think I’ve ever met a vegetable I haven’t liked, but my go-to staples are probably potatoes, corn, broccoli, various kinds of squash, cabbage, onion, celery, carrots, tomatoes, spicy peppers (not the hugest fan of sweet peppers), asparagus, Brussels sprouts, etc.


I also don’t think I’ve ever met a cuisine I haven’t liked, so I’m game for all sorts of flavors.

I’m looking for recipes I can cook for at least 8 hours, but maybe even as long as 10. Generally, I can gauge ahead of time if my day is going to be longer than a normal 8-hour day, but sometimes things happen.


If anyone else has a food question for themselves, let’s add it to the comments and see what answers we can come up with for you, too! Fun with food open thread!