Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Owing to some things out of our control, I’ve had some childcare coverage gaps over the last week and a half that put Mr. Nom and me in a pretty tough spot with very short notice.

Enter: my dear friend, currently on the emotional and mental mend after a big life change. She’s been helping out on the gap days and even staying overnight and handling ToddlerNom in the AMs, which is huuuuge. (The kid is an evil saboteur when it comes to us getting to work.)


How do you thank a friend who pitched in when you were desperate?

So far I’m bandying about the following:

  • Cash. My reservation with this is that it seems gauche and I know she she’ll resist. But she’s not earning right now and what she did for us was absolutely work. It’s also the most flexible form of acknowledgement.
  • Fancy dinner and drinks out. I feel like this would be good for her emotionally, too.
  • Spa Finder gift certificate. She’s kinda between two locales now, so this approach can’t be location/chain specific.
  • AirBnB gift card. Conservative family. Secret boyfriend. She may have claimed earlier this week to have stayed an extra day with me when she was most definitely having a tryst in another state thanks to AirBnB.

What do you guys think? What am I missing?

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