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Hivemind { Classic Education/Classroom/Learning Tools }

I am struggling with this one. And it's deceptively difficult to research. I would like to compile a list of tools for "rote" learning—the things we all used growing up.

Seeing as how my periodic table sells so well (and is insanely simple, just fairly nice to look at) I figured it might be a good idea to explore some other learning tools. This is all I've been able to come up with in the last few minutes...

  1. Multiplication Table
  2. Addition/Subtraction Tables
  3. Anatomy Diagrams
  4. Geometric Shapes
  5. Constellations
  6. Geology - Types of Rocks
  7. Other SS Facts - Moons of Jupiter
  8. The Alphabet
  9. Manners

It can be anything, I am not just looking at physical sciences—music, the arts of any kind, language, behavior, etc etc.

I am just assuming you guys will have a gazillion ideas :-)

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