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Computer Issues? [UPDATE: Awesome Hivemind Is Awesome]

Ok, so I'm in the home stretch of finishing up my grad school applications and I've run into the most annoying of annoying problems: one university allows for uploads of transcripts (of which I have 3), however, the file sizes cannot be over 600K. One transcript managed to get through, at 546K, but the other two are over the limit: 652K and 728K.

Besides the obvious hair-tearing, swear inducing, vein popping DAFUQ of that silly requirement of it all, I'm having a huge issue trying to get the files down to size. I would re-scan them, but (of course) I can't find them. Brilliant Smithwellette, how wonderfully absent minded professor of you.


So...how in the hell can I get these under 600k from a PDF file?! HALP ME HIVEMIND!

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ETA: UPDATE: SMALL PDF IS THE BOMB DIGGITY SHIZNIT (the youths still say that, right?). Website worked like a charm.


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