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Hivemind Halp: Stock Photo Creativity

I need to build a website for a law firm with a general practice. I've come to the realization that I need pictures. The problem is: what pictures?

Despite stock photo websites having umpteen thousands of photos, all of the ones for lawyers suck. There's a tiny handful of options (like, four), which aren't great. Everything else is just variations on the basics. But to make things worse, just about every lawyer website out I've googled reuses those options, which makes them look even more ridiculous. The options are:

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- People in suits. (Not a bad idea, but terribly generic.)

- Various obsolete artifacts: Gavels. (Can't remember the last time I've seen in real life.) Scales of justice. (Never seen in real life.) Law books. (Seriously, virtually everything's computerized.)


- Awkward mashups of the above. (Seriously? That image is for sale. Who would buy that?)

Anyway, I was hoping to come up with something better. I was pretty open minded, trying to look for some images that might evoke some creative metaphors. They don't even have to particularly say "lawyer," as much as "competent professional you can trust."


The problem is, of course, is that I can't think of anything. As big as the stock photo websites are, you have to search by concept to find anything useful (or you just end up sorting through 5000 pictures of gavels). I've been running in circles for a while.

So, Hivemind, has anyone been having visions of compelling legal website images? (Or a general concept I can use to fuel my image searches?) I would greatly appreciate any suggestions!

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