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Hivemind: Help Me Find Shoes

for my wedding! Parameters:

  1. I want metallic gold shoes if possible.
  2. I have shitty feet and need MUCH support (I realize this might drive up the price).
  3. I want like, 1.5-2”-ish heels (shitty feet) because I don’t want to wear flip flops I just want to keep my shoes on!
  4. Hopefully not break the bank (I’ll pay for support more than I will a “look” though)

I feel like someone, somewhere in the universe, posted a link to really good/supportive dressy shoes.

ETA: My dress is long so the look is not THE MOST important part. Also, I pretty much am open to any style except straight up sandals, because I’m getting married in the New Orleans French Quarter and I don’t wear sandals down there.

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