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Hivemind: help - my sister called and asked

if I had end of life plans. History for the question: I butt-dialed my mom a couple weeks ago and everyone freaked out; my mom could hear me mumbling but not make what I was saying. She called my sister who called my ex. All this happened while I was at work. I missed a call from my sister so I called her but her answering machine hung up just after I said her name. my sister called the local police to go check on me. I, on the other hand, 'knew' that my sister would never call during the day unless my mom was dead or dying. Everybody was freaking out but it eventually got straightened out.

The help I need is "how do I unfuck my finances"? What if something does happen to me - how do I put my stuff somewhere where it can be found. I have retirement funds in 4 or 5 places, debts in other places - assorted bank accounts; I tried just writing shit down and realized I need something like 'how to unfuck your domicile' for this end of life shit. I expect to live to 140 but I could get hit by a bus before then. Any suggestions?


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