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Hivemind Help: Question About Grad Apps?

Question for the GTers out there either applying, in, or works in admissions at universities.

Lately, I've gotten a few emails from universities inviting me to submit "priority applications" - waives the application fee, shorter application/less supporting requirements, stuff like that.

Does this actually mean I have a better shot of getting in to these universities? These are fully funded programs, so I don't think it's a "we'll let you feel like you're special in an effort to get an egregious tuition out of you," but I've also never encountered anything like this before (definitely not in undergrad).


A few of them I've ditched just because I already know I'm not interested in that particular program, but I've held on to a few that actually were on my short list, but didn't make my final list. My final list already has 9 schools on it, so I'm kind of torn.

What say you, Hivemind?

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