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Hivemind: How Do I Educate My Mother About the Benefits of Medicinal Marijuana?

My mother’s currently in treatment for non-Hodgkins lymphoma. She’d been in remission for four years until a recent scan showed that it had spread to other parts of her body. I’d like her to consider every viable option available for her healing process, and I think that marijuana is among them.

The problem is my mom talks about weed like it’s crack or meth,a street-level drug laced with god-knows-what that she’d have to break the law and face danger to acquire. It’s all I can do to explain that it would take me less than 24 hours to get her a box of artisanal hydroponic TCH chocolates prepared by a college educated Becky.

“I smoke weed almost everyday,” I want to tell her. “I’m high right now.”

My mother’s very pearl-clutching and old-fashioned, so even though medicinal marijuana is legal in our state, she still thinks of it as something that only thugs and stoners do. She also has somewhat exaggerated concerns about the drug’s side effects.


She’s a retired nurse, so I think proper medical information can sway her. I respect her autonomy to choose her own treatment, but I’d like to be able to best educate her to the positives.

Can anybody offer any extra-persuasive links to articles or medical journals which speak to marijuana’s holistic benefits, decreased social stigma, ingestion options, etc? Bonus for anything that would appeal to the mindset of a 70-year-old church lady.

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