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Hivemind, I need your collective wisdom


But I don’t know what else to do.

Went over to the new house today to put together IKEA furniture with my dad. Noticed a slight smell of gas by the gas valve, so I called the gas company and they sent a really great guy, Terrance, over to work on it.


Terrance fixes the valve, and then asks if he can check the rest of the gas lines. Of course I’m like YES PLEASE.

Terrance finds a gas leak in my fucking furnace. So we have to turn the furnace off. Soonest I can get HVAC guy to fix it is Wednesday morning.


Temperature is 23 degrees, feels like single digits. Okay, so I need to turn off the water and leave the faucets slightly on. Am I annoyed? Of course. But this is manageable.

Fucking main water valve won’t turn off. I can’t turn the water off to my house. I can’t run the furnace. Pipes are gonna freeze. I will call the water company tomorrow morning about the valve, but that ain’t getting fixed tonight.


I left a space heater on in the basement. It’s on an unfinished concrete floor, in the middle of the room. I left it set at 60 degrees, it was like 63 degrees in there when I left about an hour ago. I just need that house to stay above freezing. I can’t stay there overnight with no furniture beyond a couple folding chairs and dining room furniture. I don’t own camping gear, so it’s not like I got a cot or sleeping bag.

I don’t know what else to do. I’m going to over tomorrow before work and unplug the space heater for like an hour and run a different (older one) while I sit there.


I just don’t use space heaters much. My parents swear it will be fine running for basically 12 hours since my parents do that with theirs when they are home.

Anybody else run their space heaters like 24/7? Please say yes. Please. 

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