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Hivemind! I need your help!

I have been looking for a job.


My physical problems have been worsening, and I am honestly not sure that I could keep any job that I do get, since sitting OR standing OR walking around for any length of time causes a great deal of pain in my back, hips, and knees. I also never know when I’m going to have a day when I just simply can’t get up and move at all. My balance and general steadiness have gotten too bad for me to go back to waitressing, which was the only job that I was really good at and enjoyed.


I have a possible job at Renaissance Faire again, but that’s only for 8-9 weekends in the summer. Last time I worked there, I spent the rest of the week recovering from spending 2 12 hour days standing around.

I’ve been looking into work-from-home stuff. The problem is, I don’t really know how to tell what’s crap/a scam and what’s not. I know better than to fall for those “My couSin Johhnny maKes $5000 a day DoingG THi$ one stUpid olD TriCk!!111!!!” things, but other than that, I’m kind of lost.

My strengths: I can type decently, spelling/grammer/editing mistakes make me crazy (and I usually know how to fix them), I’m not a bad writer (but not great either), I’m very patient, and I’m pretty good at teaching people things in a one-on-one situation. I’m also good at basic sewing, crocheting, and other craft-y things (tried the Etsy store thing... tanked horribly. Not a single sale in 6 months).

Do any of you lovely people know of any work from home jobs that aren’t a scam and don’t cost money up front? Also, no Tupperware/Partylite/Pampered Chef parties or whatever the current equivalent is, because I don’t have my own space, or a vehicle. I found this list, but there are only a few that don’t require anything more than internet access. I’m hesitant to do on-call customer service because with this many people in one small place, there’s no where consistently quiet or private to talk on the phone, but online stuff would work.


Thank you all for reading this far! As a token of my appreciation, have some sleepy kittens!

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