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Hivemind medication question

Hi all, I have a medication question for anyone who’s taken Adderall or Adderall XR

I’m on it right now, for my ADHD (10mg, I think the lowest dose possible), and lately have been having—for me—LOTS of difficulty getting to sleep.

Has anyone else taken Adderall/Adderall XR, and had similar issues with not being able to get to sleep and/or being just “spacey” concentration-wise & unable to focus well?


I got an hour of sleep last night/this morning, was up ‘til 3-5am almost every night over my break from work last week—got to bed at a regular hour Sunday, though (I attributed it to some caffeine in the early afternoons, but now I’m thinking it *wasn’t* caffiene?). Also, the Thurs. night/Friday am before this past week off, I had another night where I’d only basically gotten a 3-4 hour nap, rather than real sleep.

I’ve also had a REALLY difficult time focusing on things like homework lately. The “circus in my brain” part of my ADHD is still quiet when I take the Adderall, which is good(!), but it’s like now my thoughts are cats. When I try to sit down to do my my homework—they *might* stay around, or they *might* just stand up, stretch, and leave the room, or they just stare back at me, not doing anything.

I LIKE the fact that my brain isn’t trying to go off in 87 different directions at the same time! Buuuuut, I WOULD like to be able to pull together enough focus & concentration to get my homework in *before* the last minute (or after!)

Even my usual “deadline crunch” hasn’t been effective in helping me focus, and I’ve also managed to TOTALLY forget more than one assignment in the past week (thank goodness for being in a SPED program & having professors who implicitly understand things like ADHD & how they affect students homework sometimes!).


Until this past summer, I’ve never been on anything like an ADHD med. The only thing I ever took (decades ago!) was Paxil for depression, and I weaned off that 20 years ago, because I stopped needing it.

When I first started taking the Adderall, it was GREAT, because it calmed my thoughts enough to really let me focus, and that helped a ton, but now it almost feels like a bit of maybe an “overcorrection” if that makes sense?


ANY advice (aside from calling my doctor, who I already DO have a call into for this😉)?

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