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Welcome To The Bitchery

UPDATE 2: I was able to speak to my doc over the phone before going in, and she said I could just wait it out given that my headaches weren’t increasing and I don’t have any other concussion symptoms, but if it gets worse or I notice any neurological issues, I’m to go straight to the ER.

UPDATE: I made an appointment for 3 pm today; luckily my doctor had a spot available. I’ll let you all know what she says.

So, I have what may be the most embarrassing head injury story ever. On Saturday, I flopped dramatically onto my couch, misjudged where I would land, and smacked my little head on the (covered, but unpadded?!?) arm of the couch. I got a headache immediately and it hasn’t gone away since. It’s not getting worse or better, just constant. It goes away with ibuprofen. It also hurts in my neck.


At first I thought I had a concussion, so I’ve been sleeping a lot and trying to stay off screens. But my vision isn’t affected, nor my balance, and I’m not dizzy or nauseous. My head doesn’t hurt where I hit it (at the back), instead it hurts in the front and on the top of my head. The complicating factor is that when I sleep too much I get headaches, and we just turned the heat on which is also liable to give me headaches.

So, GT, should I go to the doctor or just wait it out? What say you?

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