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I'm an old woman, you guise. I have these terrible-looking expression lines on my face that are only visible when I smile.

I've never had wrinkles before and I suspect I have them now because law school has aged me at least 10 years. I cleanse and moisturize my face daily, I don't smoke, I don't wear makeup, I use night cream (on occasion), and I've even learned how to contort my face into all these anti-wrinkle facial exercises I learned from my crazy drunk uncle. Tio may be a lush, but he has skin like a baby's bottom.

I really hate how they look, and having them appear when I smile makes me not want to smile at all. But maybe I can learn to smile a different way.


At present, I smile by squinting my eyes and stretching my mouth like an anaconda, or Julia Roberts, unhinging its jaw to ingest pray. That gives me horrible expression lines around my mouth and crows-feet-esque expression lines around my eyes. Help me stop that.

How do I smile less with my mouth, and more with my eyes???

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