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Hivemind tell me a movie really did exist

I almost think I’m losing my mind. Actually, I’m certain of it but not if this is one of my lost mind scenarios or not. So Offkilterpoisson’s favorite movie is Short Circuit. After he told me, I looked it up and thought I vaguely remembered it. I just saw most of Short Circuit and what I thought I recalled wasn’t there. I asked him and it wasn’t in whst I missed. Has anyone seen a movie with an escaped robot hiding in a college dorm? Or something close to that?

UPDATE SUMMARY: I think there were a couple of male college students and a dark haired female one. There was a romance. There was a battle between the robot and ones trying recapture it. The robot was a metal looking robot. Probably nothing I can recall is helpful.


Either 80s or 90s movie, I believe

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