Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Your boyfriend's friend's ex that you don't like adds you on Facebook? To give some context, I did spend quite a bit of time with her socially before leaving for China until she broke up with the friend. However, I don't really like her. She's very much a social justice warrior (in the real sense as well as in the derogatory sense).


What made me unfriend her in the first place is that she cheated on her boyfriend (my boyfriend's friend) and then wrote on Facebook that he had been abusive towards her and was threatening her. This was a lie and she managed to turn all their mutual friends against him after the break up. It really upset me because I believed her too - they definitely ran in feminist, anarchist kind of circles, where you take these things seriously.

So anyways, I ran into her in the street a few weeks ago, where she said she really wants to hang out and now she's added me back on Facebook. She's not a monster or anything, but I don't really want her in my life, because she was kind of exasperating to deal with. What does the all-knowing hivemind suggest? Should I add her, ignore the request, or just change my identity and move out of the city immediately, since I've been compromised?

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