Dear GT,

I have had A Day. On my commute to work today, two female humans almost got into a physical altercation, after having gotten into a verbal altercation about seating arrangements (You stay in your seat! I am! She pushed me! HISSS SNARL HISSS). The aggressor was yelling about how she already had two assault charges and was desperately trying to avoid a third, but just try something and she would...prevail. Then she declared the other human the veritable devil, then spat “And I hope you have a blessed day and a humble afternoon!!!” The aggressor then sat by me and we had a nice chat about Bunnycat.

Work was uneventful. Then my two friends came to get me and Bunnycat. Bunny mewled the whole way over. The vet tech looked over Bunnycat and also tried to take her temp but her butt muscles were so strong that the. Thermometer couldn’t get in. Then they swabbed her ears and then stabbed her in the belly for urine and then told me she had an ear infection and a mild UTI. That last part they took her in the back room and she yelled and growled and I stood by the door wringing my hands and my friends laughed that I looked just like a mama bear that was three seconds away from ripping everything apart. Then we went home and then my friend taught me how to swaddle Bunny. Houdinicat was very good at escaping being swaddled. Then we went out and got dinner, and booze, and my friends went home and I itch all over. I spent $300 on the vet visit and the drugs and dinner and booze. I’m covered in hives from the stress of it all. My other friend gave me a xanax and they are going down somewhat. I’m relieved that she’s mostly ok and that there might be a cause for her naughtiness. I’m so itchy.

Thank you everyone who contributed to help Bunnycat. I wouldn’t have been able to afford to take her without your help.