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As many of you know I spent a couple of years in Asia and am married to a Taiwanese guy. Which is to say my social media feeds are blowing up with the HK protests. I had planned to do a post on the destruction of churches in the PRC, but after the most recent updates I decided to change this post.

Apparently last night the police disappeared long enough to allow some protesters to get beaten up by the mob. (You read the right, the mob beat up some protesters) What's going on in HK is really important and I do think it is linked in some ways to the destruction of churches in the mainland. There is a long history of Christian organizations using HK as a jumping off point for their various ministry and missions, along with various other groups.


Let me be clear, this link is tenuous and since i don't read Chinese i could be mislead by the English translations. I do know that when China started tearing down churches that were perfectly legal earlier this year that many Overseas Chinese Christians were very concerned and fearful for their ability to practice their religion safely. Many of my sources for this news are from this group and they are very active in the protests because of what happened in the PRC earlier this year. I do find the Scholarism movement very interesting and I wonder if it will be able to move beyond HK.

In the meantime here are some links you can use to follow the protests and what's going on there.

Chinese Apple Daily for any Chinese Readers on here

The South China Morning Post has been doing a live updates

And you can follow the protesters on their facebook page too


And of course the Guardian has been doing pretty good updates too.

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