First finally Carol Costello is coming back she will be on 11 to 1pm. Well bys,.bye Ali Velshi and finally a reason to watch HLN. Velshi has the 11am slot, usually, on MSNBC. I like Velshi but vastly prefer Costello more. She was one of CNN’s best interviewers and had little patience for fools (Republicans).

S.E. Cupp To Get New Nightly Show on HLNAlso, CNN anchor Chris Cuomo will host ‘Inside Secret Places’ beginning this fall. Read on adweek.​com

Not a fan of S.E. Cupp though she is antiTrump. She is getting a 7pm show. I believe she is also for marriage equality. I far prefer Ana Navarro over Cupp. She will be on HLN at 7pm. Not sure when.

Anyone familiar with Cupp? I used to watch her on The Cycle. God I miss Toure and Krystal Ball. I thought she was very conservative and patronizing. I read elsewhere she is now considered a moderate to fairly liberal, no clue the validity of this, if she changed or definition of conservative has changed enough that she would be considered moderate to liberal.


Still going to watch Hardball at 7pm, may watch Cupp during commercials since I cannot stand Erin Burnett. She is way too proWall Street. I now watch Burnett during commercials on Hardball.

Anyone else excited about HLN changes? Cupp is still better then yet another hour of Forensic Files. Most importantly I now have a reason to watch HLN with Costello getting a slot.