So my insurance carrier changed my PCP to a low-income clinic.

Since I work for myself I didn't have insurance for a while. I could technically afford it, but it would eat up nearly half my income every month, so it didn't make much sense financially. Then Obamacare happened, so I was able to find a very affordable plan. I don't have any major health issues and I've seen my new doctor once so far.

Well, today my carrier sent me a new insurance card with listed a low-income health clinic as my PCP. I checked out their website and I make far too much money to even qualify for their programs.

I have nothing against free/low-income or community health centers (I've worked for three of them in the past), but their resources should go to those who actually need it. Although, I cannot stand the "show up at 7AM and wait for five hours to be seen" method of free clinics. I have a busy schedule and cannot waste an entire day waiting around to be seen by a medical provider, especially since I already had one that I could make an actual appointment with at a time that worked for me.

I guess I'll call them on Monday and see if this can be sorted out.

EDIT: Whoops, I was going to publish this on Backtalk, but it seems like a good fit for GT, no?