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Hmm, WTF, boyfriend?

I'm waiting to welcome an old forum friend to my city in a couple of hours. We hung out on the same board close to 8 years ago and kept in contact ever since then. Note that we have never met in person and have never haboured any romantic feelings.

I planned to meet him for a quick dinner as his hotel is right across from my office and being the only person he knows in this city, I didn't want to leave him hanging. He has also said that he is excited to meet and want to do dinner, because 3h on the plane and 1h clearing immigration and security can leave you hungry!

So I shared the above plan with my boyfriend. And asked him to come with me to meet my friend! And he said, why not just meet tomorrow. I told him the reasons I just wrote above and he texted:

That he (my friend) has to wait is a message that matters to me because it tells me (cleosmacktra's boyfriend) a lot about you (cleosmacktra) and me.



That by bringing along my boyfriend will tell my friend that we are serious and boyfriend doesn't want that?

That it will look like we are ambushing my friend for something?!

I'm mad now.

*edited for clarity

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