(alt title: what should I watch on Netflix while I work on projects and costumes?)

I decided to watch Moulin Rouge (not on Netflix) - hadn't seen it since when it came out, but always thought I loved it. Turns out, adult self doesn't like it. I find the songs just...terrible. And distracting. Like, ok, I get it, you wanted to bring some modernized songs into it. Cool. But the medleys - oh, the medleys. Let's take one line from this song, one line from this song, one line from this song - OMG. Die, song, die.

I spent years telling people how much I love this movie in the years after I saw it. I mean, everyone matures and tastes change, but in my mind, it was up there on my list. Maybe I was dazzled by how pretty it is. Got any movies like this for you?