I may lose my health insurance. Huh.

So, I have health insurance under my mother's plan because I'm 22. She's worked in a hospital for like 22-23 years now, and was originally waiting to hit the 25 year mark so she could retire with benefits. But as far as I've gathered, something went awry with that and she wouldn't keep her benefits, or keep all of them, or something to that effect. I'm honestly not entirely sure what the situation is but it isn't good.

Currently we both have Empire Blue Cross, which is good insurance. Her and I were talking the other day and she told me how she's thinking about leaving her job but she doesn't want me to lose my insurance. I have a handful of medical issues that require me to be at doctors semi-regularly (seizure disorder, severely fucked up eyes due to chronic dryness, a past shoulder injury, the beginnings of hyperthyroidism, psoriasis, HPV, etc. Not to mention I'm on birth control and can't take generic brands because they make me sick). So Queen Fluffybutt doesn't want to leave because she doesn't want me to lose my insurance (she doesn't even give a fuck about her own). But I don't want to be like "well yes stay at the job you absolutely hate so I can keep my insurance!"

I've...never had to obtain my own health insurance. I blatantly see how privileged this makes me, as I've had insurance my entire life. I have never paid for a doctor's visit or more than $20 for medication. I'm extremely lucky to be in this situation, and so privileged that I never even considered that one day I wouldn't be.

So I'm a bit concerned. I know Queen Fluffybutt would absolutely help me find my own insurance, but I don't want to burden her with it. Anyone have thoughts on this? Like, how I can find cheap insurance? I kind of need it, as you can see from my list of ridiculous medical issues.


I'm sorry if this is all "oh look at this working-class white girl complaining." I'm not trying to say my situation is more important than anyone else's, because it's not. At all. I just...don't even have an idea of what to do.