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Hmmmm (update: 10:14 am)

My district has a bond election today, and I am not sure if they are engaging in voter suppression or just throughly unprepared.

I was at the polling place (elementary school) at 6 AM (polls open 6 AM - 9 PM) to vote before work, and there wasn’t any kind of signage indicating where to go to vote. Luckily I saw someone walking around the building from the side alley shared with the school bus depot. I asked him what was going on, and he said they had propped open an exit only door in the back of the gym.


That was the only entrance and exit.

I am hoping that it is poorly marked because the school itself isn’t open. Surely they will put out signs soon, right? I asked the poll worker why there weren’t any signs out, and she couldn’t/wouldn’t give me an answer.


The bond issue would raise taxes to pay for repairs to the schools and a new bus depot that would actually be able to lift a bus. The average tax increase would raise taxes on households making $350k by $11.


I am glad I am already planning on attending my first local Democrats meeting on Friday.


Update: Bralock went to vote around 9 and had a similar situation but had the benefit of the school being open. I just called the district clerk and complained.

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