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Hoaxy Headline is a Hoax

Goddammit, Internet. No, middle schoolers were not forced to cross-dress. Teachers aren't aghast, and I'm quite sure that nobody said "I wont rest until there's an out-of-the-closet homosexual in every family!" because that doesn't even make sense.

But, I know people who believe this. I mean, Google and the fact that I have eyes, ears, and a brain and show me that this isn't true, but if accused of being a shill for the mainstream media, I can also indicate that I have family who lives where this is said to have happened. There is no such school there. (Google tells me that as well, but I do have family there.)



EDIT: My friend who posted it responded. I'm in teal, she's in grey.

There's no way this is happening. My verbiage in both blocks of text were chosen as part of "know your audience," so I wouldn't be shut down as a liberal shill, like I said above. And yeah, I think that this would be a terrible idea! I don't see how this could do much positive, but a see a ton of negative that could come out of forced crossdressing of children. On what planet does this sound like something that could happen? Oh, planet Bob Jones.

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