Hey dudes! Me and the dude are going camping this weekend! We both love it intensely, and thought we weren't going to get to go for one last trip before it gets too cold. Well, at the last minute his boss gave him 4 days off in a row!

Unfortunately, it conflicted with one of my shifts at work...BOO! So, I asked my boss about switching shifts (which she couldn't do). Then she said just go ahead and take the day off. Yay!So, who around GT likes to camp? What are your go to foods, fave. places, scariest stories? I would also love to know what equipment you like to use, any camping hacks you would like to share. I just love talking about camping in general. We car camp, but if you are a back-packer, I am sure you have great ideas and stories too. If you have never camped, ask all of your burning questions. I cannot wait to be sitting around our gorgeous fire, surrounded by millions of stars. The stress and anxieties of life just slip away when we are out in nature.


I figured out how to post a picture! I demand my silver kinja star!

ETA: I can see my picture on my post, but not when I click it from the GT page. I fail at life!