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Hola from Mexico! *Dental update

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It's pretty nice thus far. I must say though, the place we're staying could be in Arizona. There's much mimic of Mexico at home. Right down to the packs of roving Chihuahua's.
We did get here in time for a wonderful dinner and Bloody Mary's.
Soon, to the dentist. Ay-yi-yi.
At least there are some internets. That was a welcome bonus.
Wish me luck with the whole teeth fixing.


Dental update; Had a cavity UNDER an existing filling, so grrrr. Had that fixed, one extraction (I can explain later, it made the most sense to extract), and he fixed my British tooth (my chipped front tooth) with some bondo or some such, he also cleaned up a bunch of plaque on my lowers. Umdude had an extraction, a clean up from a crown that fell off, and a couple other things. Total for all of that, $200.00. Kick ass.

He was nice enough to give us a script for pain stuff. I'm feeling groovy. And really not hurting much at all. Huzzah Mexican dentist!


He also let us keep the teeth he pulled, and since our anniversary is Monday, I'm going to make it into an anniversary trinket for us. I'm a weirdo.

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